We do not authorise anyone to copy materials published on our web site for personal, commercial or non-commercial use. Our Materials cannot be distributed, modified, posted on a website, or used for public or commercial purposes. Any emails that you receive from us also cannot be forwarded or copied without our permission. This includes the materials that we send out to our clients. Materials such as: Prototypes(Images, Videos, Codes), Designs, Codes, Samples, Concepts Etc. If we find out that our materials or any of the things mentioned above have misused, we will be taking legal action against the owner of the website. However, permission to use our materials can be request in writing to us to the address below: WEBARROW No 11, Randon Close, Harrow, London, HA2 6NW, United Kingdom.

Web Hosting Refund Policy:

Webarrow.co.uk refund policy defers with the type of service it provides. If you need any information please contact us on 07824 344 633 / 07786 432 629

Web Design Refunds Policy:

If an initial deposit is requested and paid, no refund will be given if the customer backs out, unless work has not yet started.

If the initial stage of the website is accepted by the customer no refund will be processed under any circumstances. The ‘initial stage’ highlighted above includes the following,

This includes:

    1. The acceptance of the template by the customer.
    1. The acceptance of the design and the layout of the website by the customer.

Once work has been completed according to the agreed schedule, the remaining balance (or full balance if no deposit required) will be due; due to the close and constant communication between Webarrow and the customer during the design process, no refunds are issued for completed or half completed work.

Please note that the customer is liable to provide enough material as well as information for the purpose of the website. It is not the responsibility of Webarrow to chase the customer for the materials or the relevant information.